Dr Mohammad Abdur Razzaque

Mohammad A. Razzaque

  • Chairman
  • Research and Policy Integration for Development (RAPID)



Dr Mohammad Abdur Razzaque is an economist specialising in applied international trade, development and public policy issues with extensive senior leadership and management experience. He has led and managed numerous Bangladesh-specific and multi-country (involving sub-Saharan African, South Asian, Caribbean and Pacific economies) policy research and capacity-building projects. He has edited/co-edited several books/volumes and written extensively on trade, poverty, labour market, and migration issues, on which he is widely consulted by international and regional organisations.

He is a Director of the Policy Research Institute of Bangladesh (PRI) and editor-in-chief of Policy Insights, a quarterly publication of PRI. During 2007-17, He held numerous positions at Commonwealth Secretariat, London, UK, including Head of International Trade Policy, where he was responsible for the Secretariat’s analytical, policy and global advocacy work related to such trade and development issues as WTO trade negotiations, regional trading arrangements, Brexit and its implications, Aid for Trade, global value chains, effective participation of small states and least developed countries in world trade, and trade capacity building of vulnerable countries and low income developing economies.

Dr Razzaque has vast experience of working with senior government officials in many different countries. On several occasions, he made technical presentations before the G20 Development Working Group. He has also been called to provide evidence before House of Lords and House of Commons Committees of the UK Parliament. He has participated as a resource person in many workshops in different countries.

He holds a PhD from the University of Sussex and was a faculty member in the Economics Department of Dhaka University, offering courses on, amongst others, international trade and econometrics for graduate students. During 1995-97, he worked at the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), Dhaka, Bangladesh.