Usman Mirza

  • Water Program
  • Leadership for Environment And Development (LEAD)



Usman, working at LEAD since May 2013, currently leads the Water Programme at LEAD Pakistan. He is passionate about water and believes it to be the source of life, a conduit for social capital formation and the lifeline for Pakistan's economic growth. Trained in public policy, economics and management, Usman is committed to use his work to engage and inform better policy making. To avert a looming water crises, Pakistan needs its policy/decision makers to come up with an integrated and coherent policy for water governance based on research, evidence, knowledge and experience. Usman, through his work at LEAD aspires to bridge the knowledge-policy-action gap. He completed his Master of Science in Public Policy and Management (Awarded Highest Distinction) from Carnegie Mellon University, USA and B.Sc (Hons) Economics from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Pakistan. Through his education and experience, Usman brings to LEAD expertise in research, policy analysis and writing. He is published in the fields of Water, Climate Change and, prior to joining LEAD, had been involved in research projects with Carnegie Mellon University and the Government of South Australia.