Adam Weinstein

Adam Weinstein is a Policy Associate at the National Iranian American Council. He graduated from Temple Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he focused on U.S. foreign policy and international law. His interests include the relationship of U.S. foreign policy to economic development and security within the Middle East and South Asia. He has contributed to the London School of Economics Middle East Centre, South Asia Centre and USAPP blogs, as well as the Fletcher Forum of World Affairs (online).

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    When development threatens royal legitimacy

    In the last year, an increasing number of news reports suggested that Saudi Arabia is in a financial bind. Scholarships for foreign study have been cut and government handouts lowered. Increasingly, the Kingdom is looking to diversify its economy and modernise its business sector. But is real development possible within a Saudi political system in which the Royal Family’s...

    20 Sep 2016 | Adam Weinstein

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    Terror and instability: Sanctions stifle Pakistani development

    Does Pakistan’s newfound independence signal a shift in foreign policy allegiances? The main global security threats from Pakistan were once thought to be the loss of its nuclear weapons or a conventional war with India. U.S. sanctions have been the historical response to these perceived threats. Sanctioning has had the unintended consequences of creating an aid vacuum....

    13 Apr 2016 | Adam Weinstein