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  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Assessing waste management services in Kigali

    Kigali’s rapid population and economic growth over the last two decades has meant a steady increase in the amount of Municipal solid waste. Despite laudable efforts by the city to deal with issues related to waste management, it is unclear whether the waste collection system will be able to simultaneously increase service quality and deal with future waste...

    15 Jan 2020 | Anirudh Rajashekar, Aiden Bowers

  • Project

    Assessing waste management services in Kigali

    Kigali is Rwanda's main urban centre and possesses the country’s highest population growth.  It is estimated that the city collects 300-350 tonnes of waste per day, all of which is dumped at a single landfill. High growth rates have put pressure on the city's existing waste management services including capacity constraints on the city's landfill and waste collection...

    10 Dec 2019 | Anirudh Rajashekar, Aiden Bowers

  • Publication - Project Report

    Assessing waste management services in Kigali

    5 Nov 2019 | Anirudh Rajashekar, Aiden Bowers, Alexis Sebarenzi Gatoni