Anand Swamy

Anand Swamy is a Professor of Economics at Williams College. His research interests are Economics of institutions in developing countries, Land, labor and credit markets in developing countries and South Asia. He was previously an Assistant Professor of Economics University of Maryland (1993-1999) and a Consultant at the World Bank (1996 and 1998).  

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    Landed property and credit in colonial India

    "We cannot draw an indictment against half the people of India; and we may be quite sure whether we can see it or not, that we and our institutions are in the wrong, and not they." Denzil Ibbetson

    6 Jun 2016 | Anand Swamy, Tirthankar Roy

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    Colonial Origins of Restrictions on Land Transfer in India

    Lack of access to credit is often argued to be an important determinant of poverty. This lack is often traced back to the poor not having collateral. This absence of collateral in turn has been linked to the fact that the poor don’t have titles to their land. Hence land titling has been proposed by scholars such as Hernando de Soto and such policies have been...

    4 Sep 2014 | Anand Swamy