Anjali Neelakantan

Anjali is a Business Manager at LittleMore Innovation Labs Pte. Ltd, a digital paperless examination solutions company based out of Singapore. At LittleMore, she leads pre-sales, marketing, market research and PR efforts for the company.

She previously worked in the Government Consulting division at  ricewaterhouseCoopersp India where she worked with State and Central Governments on urban infrastructure-related projects. She assisted the Government of Bangladesh in developing sectoral roadmaps for export-focussed sectors, the Government of Telangana with the development of an O&M manual for Mission Bhagiratha, and lastly, the Government of Kerala with the redevelopment of a state-owned film studio.

She holds an MSc. in Environmental Economics from the University of East Anglia, UK, and a BA. in Economics from Stella Maris College, India.

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    Moving around: Resettlement and employment trajectories for low-income households in Chennai

    “Slum rehabilitation” takes many forms around the world, from in-situ investments in infrastructure to relocation to purpose-built low-income housing areas. Relocation is one of the more common strategies in areas with high-priced real estate in central urban areas, but it can take a profound toll on the economic and social lives of families who are “resettled.” It...

    2 Feb 2016 | Jessica Seddon, Charis Charis Idicheria, Anjali Neelakantan