Axel Dreher

Axel Dreher is Professor of International Economic and Development Policy at the Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg. He is the editor of theReview of International Organizations , President of the European Public Choice Society (EPCS) and author of the KOF Index of Globalization . His research interests lie in the field of development economics, globalization and political economy.


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    Are African leaders misusing Chinese development finance? The price of country ownership

    In a 2012 blog post, MIT’s Daron Acemoglu and Harvard’s James Robinson call attention to a “fancy school” built in a small village in Sierra Leone and financed by Chinese development aid. They ask a pointed question: “Why would anyone want to build a wonderful school in the middle of what Africans call ‘the bush’?” As Acemoglu and Robinson explain, “Yoni...

    18 Aug 2015 | Axel Dreher, Andreas Fuchs, Roland Hodler, Bradley Parks, Paul Raschky, Michael Tierney