Bernardo Diaz De Astarloa

 Bernardo Díaz de Astarloa is a PhD candidate in Economics at Penn State University.  He has previously worked for the World Bank, the Canadian Embassy and the University of Buenos Aires.  

Content by Bernardo Diaz De Astarloa
  • Publication - Working Paper

    Born-to-Export Firms: Understanding Export Growth in Bangladesh (Working Paper)

    1 Oct 2012 | Bernardo Diaz De Astarloa, Jonathan Eaton, Kala Krishna, Bee Yan Aw-Roberts, Andrés Rodríguez-Clare, James Tybout

  • Project

    Searching for Exporting and FDI in in Bangladesh

    Trade economists usually think about growth in manufactured exports as coming from established firms that diversify into foreign markets and/or increase the share of their output they ship abroad. But this pattern doesn't describe Bangladeshi experiences, where new exporters have typically been new firms that were born to export. These firms have survived in export markets...

    1 May 2010 | Andrés Rodríguez-Clare, Jonathan Eaton, James Tybout, Bee Yan Aw-Roberts, Bernardo Diaz De Astarloa, Kala Krishna