Craig McIntosh

Craig McIntosh is a Professor of Economics at the School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, UC San Diego. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in agriculture and resource economics. McIntosh is a development economist whose work focuses on program evaluation. His main research interest is the design of institutions which promote the provision of financial services to micro-entrepreneurs. He has conducted field evaluations of innovative anti-poverty policies in Mexico, Guatemala, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. He is currently working on research projects investigating how to boost savings among the poor, on whether schooling can be used as a tool to fight HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa, and on mechanisms to improve the long-term viability of Fair Trade markets.

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  • Data Item

    Data: High skilled and low skilled emigration from low income countries

    We analyze location choices of foreign-born science and engineering students receiving PhDs from US universities. Foreign students who stay in the United States are positively selected on observables. They tend to stay in the United States during periods of strong US economic growth and during periods of weak home country economic growth. Foreign students from higher-income...

    7 May 2019

  • Project

    Barriers to market access for smallholder farmers

    In the face of growing food demands from a burgeoning population, East African grain markets are plagued by poor integration.  The symptoms of shallow markets can be seen across space (leading to highly variable prices that do not follow the Law of One Price) as well as across time (leading to prices that tend to be low when farmers are selling and high when they are...

    23 Jul 2015 | Craig McIntosh, Paul Gertler, Lauren Falcao Bergquist

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Linking Savings Accounts to Mobile Phones: Are Potential Users Interested? (Working Paper)

    31 Mar 2012 | Suresh de Mel, , Craig McIntosh, Christopher Woodruff

  • Project

    Enabling Micro-savings Through Bank-Linked Mobile Phones in Sri Lanka

    After a decade in which the micro-credit sector has taken off worldwide, a great deal of interest is now focusing on the prospect of mobilizing micro-savings by pulling the liquidity of the poor into the formal banking sector. This interest is coming from several different sides. First, a new wave of technological innovations from mobile banking to ATM cards hold out the...

    1 Apr 2010 | Christopher Woodruff, Craig McIntosh, Suresh de Mel, Michael Callen

  • Project

    High Skilled and Low Skilled Emigration from Low Income Countries

    The emigration of high skilled migrants from developing to developed countries is an important challenge for governments. This research looks at the causes and consequences of such migration. To refine the focus, this project examines how high skilled migration affects the supply of foreign trained scientists and engineers in both receiving countries for migrants (the...

    1 Apr 2010 | Gordon Hanson, Craig McIntosh, Jeffrey Grogger