Donath Olomi

Dr. Donath R.Olomi is the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development. He was a Senior Lecturer and Director of the University of Dar es Salaam Entrepreneurship Centre ( until 2009 when he co-founded IMED to pioneer education and training that is responsive to current and future needs of society. Dr. Olomi’s main area of expertise is entrepreneurship and private sector development. He has extensive experience as an entrepreneur, academic, consultant and manager. Within IMED, the main focus is on development of frameworks, methods and materials that build capacity of individuals and organizations to be more self directing, result oriented and transformative. Besides Tanzania, he has worked in Botswana, DRC, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda. He sits on the boards of various organizations, including MKURABITA, SELF Project, CSDI, Banana Investments Ltd, African Microfinance Limited, and Whitemark Hotels Ltd.

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  • Project

    Equity finance for SMEs

    Access to affordable long-term finance is one of the biggest barriers to development of small and medium enterprises. Growth oriented small and medium enterprises face a momentous challenge of raising capital.  Debt finance is not only expensive and difficult to get, but also inconvenient given the relatively short maturities of loans. Equity finance offers an opportunity...

    4 Jan 2016 | Donath Olomi, Neema Mori

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Lessons from equity financing experience of Tanzanian SMEs

    1 Jun 2015 | Donath Olomi, Neema Mori

  • Publication - Miscellaneous

    An Enterprise Map of Tanzania

    In the first decade of the new millennium, Tanzania's gross domestic product doubled in real terms, making it one of the handful of sub-Saharan economies that have shown strong and sustained growth in recent years. This growth was, moreover, broad based, with manufacturing output growing slightly faster than the economy as a whole. To maintain this rate of growth over the...

    17 Dec 2012 | John Sutton, Donath Olomi