Ella Spencer

Ella is the IGC’s Programme and Impact Director. Prior to joining the IGC she worked as an independent development consultant, specialising in research on sustainable livelihoods in the fragile-state context. She has conducted a number of evaluations in South Sudan, including on behalf of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) on their gender-based violence programming and for the World Bank looking at skills development and training opportunities. Alongside this work, Ella founded and now runs GCSE Success, a charitable organisation focused on reducing educational inequalities in the UK. Ella has over four years of private sector experience, working as an actuary in the insurance sector for a number multinational companies. She holds an MPA in Public and Economic Policy from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and English Literature from the University of Manchester.

Ella is currently on maternity leave.

Content by Ella Spencer
  • Blog post

    Leaders and citizens: Women’s political participation in India

    Women’s political participation has emerged as a key element of the discourse around the upcoming state elections in India. In this post, Nalini Gulati and Ella Spencer explore the evidence on various aspects of women’s political engagement in the country – representation in government, women as political leaders, and women as active citizens. According to the WEF...

    31 Mar 2021 | Nalini Gulati, Ella Spencer

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Informal traders and COVID-19 in Africa: An opportunity to strengthen the social contract

    Government policy reactions to COVID-19, and peoples’ compliance with such measures, reveal the strength of the social contract between states and their citizens. In sub-Saharan Africa, informal traders often have a weak social contract with the state, and this has exacerbated their vulnerability during the COVID-19 pandemic. This brief examines the special...

    6 Aug 2020 | Danielle Resnick, Ella Spencer, Twivwe Siwale

  • Blog post

    Expanding opportunities in India’s labour market: Gender, skills, and migration

    India has one of the youngest populations in an ageing world. By 2020, the median age in the country will be 28 (compared to 37 in China and 45 in Western Europe). Nearly two-thirds of the Indian populace are of working age (between 15 and 64). The question is: will India be able to reap benefits of this ‘demographic dividend’ and fulfil the aspirations of its people,...

    20 Jan 2020 | Ella Spencer, Nalini Gulati

  • Publication - Growth Brief

    Information and innovation in the public sector

    Bureaucrats frequently make difficult policy choices with limited information. Public service incentives to seek out quality information and schemes to lower the cost of accessing that information could transform decision-making and help support innovations that lead to growth. Through its civil service, a capable state raises revenues and provides key public goods and...

    4 Oct 2019 | Walter Brown, Daniel Rogger, Ella Spencer, Martin Williams

  • Publications Reader Item

    Information and innovation in the public sector

    3 Oct 2019

  • Blog post

    Data, incentives, and relationship building for improved tax enforcement

    Tax authorities in developing countries often lack the information and enforcement capacity necessary to collect adequate tax revenue. Both innovative and practical research, performed in collaboration with tax authorities, can address these constraints. The International Growth Centre (IGC) works closely with its partner governments to promote effective tax policies and...

    31 Aug 2018 | Emilie Yam, Ella Spencer