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  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Improving the cost-effectiveness of Rwanda’s tax incentives

    Over the years, Rwanda has deployed a menu of tax incentives to attract investors. In 2015, total tax incentives amounted to about 0.9% of gross domestic product (GDP). A transparent and targeted strategy for giving out tax incentives is critical to ensure that they do not erode the domestic tax base. This study finds that Rwanda’s tax incentives are not a...

    11 Oct 2019 | Victor Steenbergen, Erik Von Uexkull, Anna Twum

  • Project

    Investor performance and tax incentives

    The focus to attract additional private-sector investment, both domestic and foreign, has long been a key priority for the Government of Rwanda, and a critical policy focus for economic development. This has commonly taken the shape of targeted support for priority sectors, such as manufacturing, agro-processing and ICT, and has occurred, in part, through prioritised...

    16 Aug 2019 | Erik Von Uexkull, Victor Steenbergen