Fatima Habib

Fatima Habib has completed her MSc in Public Policy and Management from King’s College London and BSc (Hons) Economics and Finance from Lahore School of Economics. Prior to joining CDPR, she worked at the Centre for Governance and Policy, Information Technology University, and Lahore University of Management Sciences. She has also worked as a Data Analyst at Cambridge Education, UK. Fatima’s research interests lie in the area of Social Policy, particularly Health Care and Education.

Content by Fatima Habib
  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Empowering women through small businesses: How effective are loans for female-run start-ups?

    This policy brief highlights the impact that a bespoke type of microenterprise loan product offered to aspiring entrepreneurs has had on the socio-economic welfare of borrower households. Specifically, the study focuses on evaluating the impact of Kashf Ibtada-e-Karobar Karza (KIKK) using a randomised control trial (RCT). This product was offered by Kashf Foundation, a...

    10 Mar 2017 | Fatima Habib