Janine Titley

Janine Titley currently works as a Consultant at Innovations for Poverty Action, supporting a number of projects in Uganda, Rwanda and Ghana evaluating the impact of programmes aimed at stimulating growth among micro and small enterprises. She was also involved in the implementation of the study on training for entrepreneurs in South Africa, whence she hails. Janine completed her Bachelor’s degree at the University of East Anglia and is currently living in the beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

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    When entrepreneurship training matters most

    Providing entrepreneurs with business skills to help them grow their firms is important, but one size does not fit all. Policymakers can achieve greater impact by better targeting their training interventions. If you want to help micro and small businesses survive, grow and create employment, building their marketing skills may be a good place to start

    20 Apr 2015 | Janine Titley, Stephen Anderson-Macdonald