Laura Sara Wainer

Laura Wainer is a doctoral student in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning and former Fellow of the Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies (SPURS). She is an architect, specialist in housing, urban design and planning in South America. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and has a Masters in International Development of The New School. She taught Urban Planning and Urban Morphology (UBA) and runs The New School International Field Program in collaboration with the African Centre for Cities of the University of Cape Town. Since 2009, she has worked as an urban planner for various technical consultancies for the private and public sector. Laura was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, the Delta Kappa Gamma International Fellowship, The New School President’s Scholarship and TNS/GPIA Best Thesis Award 2015.

Content by Laura Wainer
  • Project

    Housing demand in Kigali

    The Government of Rwanda would like to understand the quantity of housing need in Kigali, and to update it from an earlier 2012 study conducted by the European Union, as well as to understand how to expand affordable housing. This project estimates: i) the quantity of housing needed in Kigali, Rwanda; and ii) the purchasing power of tenant and mortgage-holding...

    8 Jan 2019 | Jonathan Bower, Sally Murray, Robert Buckley, Laura Wainer

  • Project

    Best practice for implementing affordable housing in Kigali

    Supply of adequate low-income housing is vital for productive cities. Researchers provided valuable input into Rwanda’s planned incremental-build, low-income neighbourhood. Incremental housing has potential to provide home seekers with well-serviced land, infrastructure, and foundational structures for extendable homes. Kigali has a critical shortage of...

    1 Nov 2016 | Billy Ndengeyingoma, Laura Wainer, Sally Murray

  • Publication - Project Report

    Incremental housing, and other design principles for low-cost housing

    1 Nov 2016 | Laura Wainer, Billy Ndengeyingoma, Sally Murray