Lucie Gadenne

Lucie Gadenne is a Post-doc at UCL and a Research Associate at the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Her primary fields of interest are public finance, development economics and political economy. Her current work looks at public finance in developing countries from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. Her job market paper considers how characteristics of developing countries affect the optimal structure of commodity taxes and uses the model to ask whether India’s current ration shop system is part of the optimal tax mix. Current and future work includes using administrative and survey data from developing countries to analyze firm’s responses to anti-evasion policies, the political economy of local public finances in Brazil, and the study of public delivery mechanisms in high corruption environments.

Lucie holds a PhD from the Paris School of Economics and was a visiting researcher at Harvard University in the summer of 2013.

Content by Lucie Gadenne
  • Publication - Working Paper

    Taxation and supplier networks: Evidence from India

    20 Sep 2019 | Lucie Gadenne, Tushar Nandi, Roland Rathelot

  • Project

    Tax policy and firms: Evidence from West Bengal

    Our aim in this project is to investigate How the Value-Added-Tax (VAT) affects firms' compliance and production decisions in a large developing economy. How the tax system affects the overall economic efficiency of production networks, in particular by distorting the quantity and quality of supplier-buyer matches. The impact of a tax reform that lowered...

    3 Nov 2017 | Lucie Gadenne, Tushar Nandi

  • Publication - Project Report

    In-kind transfers as insurance

    5 Oct 2017 | Lucie Gadenne, Sam Norris, Monica Singhal, Sandip Sukhtankar

  • Publication - Project Report

    Local resource mobilisation: Key principles and options for reform

    2 May 2017 | Lucie Gadenne, Andrea Smurra

  • Project

    Price risk and poverty

    A common feature of markets in many developing economies is a lack of integration. Trade across areas may be hindered by high transportation costs, limited information and communication, and policies that create barriers to trade. As a result, there is substantial variation in prices for basic commodities across space, often even within local geographic areas. Lack of...

    14 Mar 2016 | Sandip Sukhtankar, Lucie Gadenne, Monica Singhal

  • Project

    Incidence and efficiency of commodity taxes in developing economies: Evidence from India

    A large literature has examined how government programmes, such as spending on health and education, affect poor households in developing countries. There has been much less research on the impacts of the revenue-generating activities of governments on households. While poor households in developing countries generally fall below income tax thresholds, they are subject to...

    10 Apr 2015 | Monica Singhal, Lucie Gadenne, Sam Norris