Marianna Battaglia

Marianna Battaglia is anĀ Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Alicante. Her research interests include development economics, labour economics, economics of education and health, and applied econometrics.

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  • Blog post

    Microfinance in Bangladesh: Flexibility, growth and client type

    Increased loan flexibility for clients with a good credit history improves client satisfaction and socio-economic status. It also attracts highly productive entrepreneurs who want to expand their business to take a loan, making this approach a win-win. Microfinance has been heralded as an effective pro-poor policy instrument to ease the problem of credit rationing....

    15 Nov 2017 | Selim Gulesci, Andreas Madestam, Marianna Battaglia

  • Project

    Contractual flexibility in the credit market, selection into borrowing, and firm growth: Experimental evidence from Bangladesh

    Evidence shows microfinance borrowing firms and households fail to see substantial increases in business growth or consumption resulting from loans. Researchers evaluated the direct and indirect effects of a new flexible BRAC loan contract through a randomised control trial. Results showed increasing repayment flexibility improved the effectiveness of microfinance...

    2 Oct 2015 | Selim Gulesci, Andreas Madestam, Marianna Battaglia