Nii Sowa

Nii Sowa was, until recently, the Director General of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Ghana. Trained as an economist, he has had several years of experience as lecturer, researcher, and policy analyst. He has served as an economic consultant to several international organizations including the World Bank, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the American USAID, the Canadian CIDA, and the British DfID. In 1997, Nii Sowa was named by the World Bank as the First Michael Bruno Fellow for his research contributions to understanding and managing inflation. Earlier, in 1991, his work on Monetary Control in Ghana had won the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences best academic article award. Nii Sowa has published widely in academic journals and books, mostly in the areas of Money and Banking and Economic Policy Management issues. Nii Sowa has been a member of the Bank of Ghana’s Monetary Policy Committee since its inception in 2002.


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    Harnessing technology to exorcise ghosts

    12 Nov 2019 | David Lagakos, Nii Sowa

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    Harnessing technology to exorcise ghosts

    Ghana, as a developing country, has always been strapped of resources to promote growth and development. Revenue mobilised has never been sufficient for taking care of recurrent expenditure, and therefore the country has had to rely heavily on external grants and loans to support development projects. A closer look at the budget of the Government of Ghana shows that much...

    11 Nov 2019 | David Lagakos, Nii Sowa