Nitish Prakash

Nistish Prakash is an assistant professor of economics on a joint position with the Department of Economics and the Human Rights Institute at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. Born and raised in Bihar, India, he earned BA (honors) in economics from Shivaji College, an M.A. in economics from Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University (India), and a PhD in economics from University of Houston, TX.

His primary research interests include development, education, labor, public policy, and health economics.

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    He is a criminal but he is our criminal: Criminally accused politicians in India

    The recent increase in the number of criminally accused politicians elected to state assemblies has caused much furor in India. Despite the potentially important consequences and the widely divergent views, the implications of their elections to state legislative assemblies on constituency-level economic performance are unknown. In this project, we aim to answer the...

    29 May 2015 | Nitish Prakash, Marc Rockmore, Yogesh Uppal

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    Cycling to school: Increasing high school enrollment for girls in Bihar

    In 2006, the government of the Indian state of Bihar introduced an innovative program that aimed to improve school access and reduce the gender gap in secondary school enrollment by providing girls who continued to secondary school with a bicycle. This paper evaluates the bicycle program and measures its impact on girls’ access to secondary schools in Bihar. Using...

    1 Apr 2013 | Nitish Prakash, Karthik Muralidharan

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    Women's Reservations in Bihar and Children's Health Outcomes

    The objective of this study is to measure the causal effect of Bihar Government’s move to reserve 50 per cent of the panchayat seats for women - thereby leading to women representatives occupying 54 per cent of the seats - on children’s health outcomes. It is being carried out by Nishith Prakash (University of Connecticut) and Santosh Kumar (University of Washington)....

    1 Apr 2012 | Santosh Kumar, Nitish Prakash

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    Education policies and practices

    The purpose of this project is to survey the literature on the effectiveness of education policies adopted in different parts of the world in improving the quantity and quality of education. We also propose to survey the policies adopted by the government of Bihar towards promoting educational outcomes in the state. By placing these policies appropriately in our broader...

    1 Apr 2012 | Priya Ranjan, Nitish Prakash