Paida Hlambelo

Paida Hlambelo is an architect for Vavaki Architects.

Content by Paida Hlambelo
  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Optimal construction permit fees for Rwanda

    To successfully manage rapid urban growth and its attendant challenges, and to implement effective development control, municipal authorities need to increase revenue from construction permits and other sources. Rwanda’s ranking in the Dealing with Construction Permits subcomponent of the World Bank’s Doing Business index is rising, but the Government is keen to...

    4 May 2020 | Paida Hlambelo, Jonathan Bower, Adia Umulisa, Fred Mugisha

  • Project

    Optimising the construction permit process in Kigali, Rwanda

    A recommendation was made at the last two City of Kigali Advisory Council meetings in February 2018 and December 2018, to peg construction permit fees to the value of the development seeking approval. The objective of this project is to investigate whether and how Kigali can increase revenues from construction permit fees, by restructuring them, while also improving on the...

    27 Mar 2019 | Paida Hlambelo