Peter Nunnenkamp

Peter Nunnenkamp is a senior economist at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. He joined the development economics department of the Kiel Institute in 1978 and headed several research divisions, including ‘International Capital Flows’ until 2005, and ‘Global Division of Labor’ until 2009. Nunnenkamp is also a member of the research area ‘Poverty Reduction, Equity, and Development.’ His major research interests are: the determinants and effects of foreign direct investment; and the allocation and effectiveness of official as well as private aid. He has published several monographs and various articles in peer-reviewed journals, including Canadian Journal of Economics, Economic Inquiry, European Economic Review, World Bank Economic Review, and World Development.

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    Promoting FDI through financial market development in host and source countries

    Financial market development of both source and host countries can shape and drive flows of financial direct investment over time. The question of whether better-developed local financial markets attract FDI is particularly relevant for host countries that have remained on the sidelines in the global competition for FDI such as many developing countries in sub-Saharan...

    23 May 2016 | Julian Donaubauer, Eric Neumayer, Peter Nunnenkamp

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    Aid-financed infrastructure promotes foreign direct investments

    The link between aid and private investment is not well understood. Could aid-financed infrastructure investments encourage higher foreign direct investment? The authors present the results of a new composite index of infrastructure to estimate direct and indirect impacts of aid for infrastructure on FDI. Official development assistance (ODA) and foreign direct investment...

    3 May 2016 | Julian Donaubauer, Birgit Meyer, Peter Nunnenkamp

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    Who benefits from aid-for-trade?

    Both donors and recipients can benefit from aid, yet aid-for-trade seems to benefit the exports of middle-income countries most, rather than the developing economies for which it was designed Susan Strange, the pioneer of modern international political economy, repeatedly asked her essential Latin question: “Cui Bono?” Translated as, “Who benefits?” the question...

    22 Oct 2014 | Philipp Hühne, Birgit Meyer, Peter Nunnenkamp