Priya Ranjan

Priya Ranjan is a Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of California-Irvine. His primary areas of research are international economics and economic growth and development. His more recent work focuses on the implications of globalization for labor market in the presence of search frictions. He studies, both theoretically and empirically, the impact of globalization on unemployment and wages of different types of workers.

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  • Project

    Education policies and practices

    The purpose of this project is to survey the literature on the effectiveness of education policies adopted in different parts of the world in improving the quantity and quality of education. We also propose to survey the policies adopted by the government of Bihar towards promoting educational outcomes in the state. By placing these policies appropriately in our broader...

    1 Apr 2012 | Priya Ranjan, Nitish Prakash

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Education policies and practices: What have we learnt and the road ahead for Bihar

    This paper assesses the status of education, both quantity and quality, in Bihar in both absolute terms and relative to other states in India. It then performs a regression exercise using a panel data of Indian states to identify the correlates of educational outcomes. It also surveys the broader literature on education policies which provides a perspective on the current...

    1 Dec 2011 | Priya Ranjan, Nishith Prakash