Ralf Bodelier

Ralf Bodelier is journalist, writer and philosopher who lives in the Netherlands and Malawi. Watch the 12-part web documentary series: Slums. Engines Behind the Development Goals which was subsidised through a grant from the European Journalism Centre. Follow him on Twitter @RalfBodelier.

Content by Ralph Bodelier
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    Photo blog: At work in Blantyre’s Ndirande Slum

    Can slums really improve people’s lives for the better? A new web documentary series produced by Dutch journalist Ralf Bodelier has found that rural dwellers in countries like Malawi often view slums as a way to emerge from extreme poverty. In a separate blog post, Bodelier recounts the dynamism and opportunity in the Ndirande slum in Blantyre, Malawi. This accompanying...

    22 Mar 2016 | Ralph Bodelier

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    Slums can transform peoples’ lives for the better

    Some rural dwellers in the Global South are increasingly viewing slums as a way to improve their lives, says Ralf Bodelier. Many may think life in a slum is miserable. And they are right. Slums are pathetic. They are dirty, overcrowded and dangerous. Even slum residents themselves also think there is an awful lot to improve. Nonetheless, each year 60 million people in...

    21 Mar 2016 | Ralph Bodelier