Sebastian Wolf

Sebastian was a Country Economist for the IGC in Uganda. Prior to joining the IGC, Sebastian worked as an Overseas Development Institute Fellow in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning in South Sudan, focusing on budget policy and fiscal decentralisation. Sebastian holds an MPhil in Economics from Cambridge University.

Content by Sebastian Wolf
  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Industries without smokestacks in Uganda and Rwanda

    1 Jun 2017 | John Spray, Sebastian Wolf

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Tourism value chains in East Africa

    The importance of tourism for economic growth in Rwanda is hard to overstate. Tourism revenues are now more than double those of its next biggest export, tea. All of its other major exports are strongly beholden to international commodity price fluctuations, making revenues highly unreliable. Tourism is a strong job-creating sector in the wider region, however it...

    23 Mar 2017 | Sally Murray, Sebastian Wolf

  • Blog post

    Impact of fiscal policy on inequality and poverty in Uganda

    President Yoweri Museveni would like Uganda to be a middle-income country by 2020. As the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and Uganda’s own National Development plans, make clear, however, income per capita is only one criterion by which an advanced economy should be judged. Uganda should strive to lift more people out of poverty as well as close the income gap...

    12 Sep 2016 | Astrid Haas, Sebastian Wolf, Jon R. Jellema, Nora Lustig

  • Project

    Commitment to equity assessment of Uganda

    Between 2002 and 2012, the poverty rate in Uganda fell by nearly 20 percentage points, but even so nearly 20 percent of the population remained poor in 2012. Real per-capita incomes have nearly doubled over the same period, but inequality has fallen only marginally.  At the same time, public expenditures have fallen (when measured as a percent of GDP) while official...

    1 Sep 2016 | Nora Lustig, Astrid Haas, Sebastian Wolf, Jon R. Jellema

  • Publication - Project Report

    The impact of taxes, transfers, and subsidies on inequality and poverty in Uganda (Final Report)

    1 Sep 2016 | Jon R. Jellema, Nora Lustig, Sebastian Wolf, Astrid Haas

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Trade, prosperity and peace: Regional integration in East Africa

    9 Jun 2016 | Thierry Mayer, Mathias Thoenig, Sebastian Wolf

  • Blog post

    How mobile money is revolutionising banking in Africa

    75% of sub-Saharan adults do not have a formal bank account yet millions of Africans are using mobile phones to pay bills, move cash, and to buy basic everyday items. Mobile money is revolutionising retail banking in East Africa

    24 Feb 2015 | Sebastian Wolf