Serge de Gheldere

Serge de Gheldere is CEO and co-founder at Futureproofed, a leading sustainability and climate action company serving both cities and businesses with tools to collaborate, develop, monitor, and implement their climate plans. Serge believes that it’s within our power to reverse the climate crisis and build a fossil-free, circular economy. Taking action represents the biggest business opportunity of the century, and action will sort the winners from losers, both in business and amongst cities and nations.

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    How the pandemic can be a catalyst for city climate action

    Recovering from the socioeconomic shock of COVID-19 will not be easy. Effective decisions on where to put investment will be the key to unlocking greater prosperity for developing cities. We discuss what actions developing cities could focus on to kickstart their economies while helping the global fight against climate change. The global response to the COVID-19 pandemic...

    23 Feb 2021 | Serge de Gheldere , Oliver Harman