Shimukunku Manchishi

Shimukunku Manchishi holds a Master of Science Degree in International Trade Policy and Law from Lund University (Sweden).  He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Zambia.

An Economist with professional experience spanning over 5 years, his areas of interest include research in International Economics, International Trade Agreements and Private Sector Development. He has written on subjects such as the Africa Continental Free Trade Area, Brexit, US- China Trade War, Special Economic Zones and Diversification in Zambia. He previously worked for the Zambia Development Agency (2014 – 2018) as an Export Development Officer and is currently a Researcher in the Trade and Investment Unit of the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research where he has been since 2018.  In his free time, Shimukunku likes to read, exercise and watch sport.

Content by Shimukunku Manchishi
  • Blog post

    Winners or losers? The COVID-19 impact on Zambian manufacturing firms

    The demand- and supply-side shocks on Zambian manufacturing firms caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have had mixed effects on firms’ sales and exports. In a recent survey of firms’ experiences, government response measures have reportedly been unaligned to these needs and thus underutilised as a set of support services. As a part of an ongoing IGC project on the...

    9 Jun 2021 | Mwanda Phiri, Shimukunku Manchishi

  • Project

    Who's winning and who's losing? Economic impact of COVID-19 on manufacturing firms

    The severity of the economic impact of COVID-19 in Zambia has been projected to be substantial, where simulations predict a 4.2% contraction in Zambia’s economic output. Unequivocally, the impact on industries such as tourism, hospitality, retail, restaurant and bars has been negative and immediate. On manufacturing, however, it is less certain. Certain industries are...

    1 Jul 2020 | Shimukunku Manchishi, Mwanda Phiri