Swati Dhingra

Swati Dhingra is Assistant Professor in Economics at the Department of Economics and Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics and Political Science.

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    Minor relaxations of immigration policy will not make up for the economic impacts of a Brexit in the UK or India

    As the EU referendum approaches, Swati Dhingra considers how a Brexit is likely to affect British Asians and India’s economy. She writes that although Leave promises of eased immigration restrictions on Indians might appear attractive, they cannot make up for the severe economic consequences on the British, EU and global economies that a vote to leave would entail. This...

    22 Jun 2016 | Swati Dhingra

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    India is getting a raw deal on the EU-India Trade Agreement

    Last week India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Brussels for the EU-India summit. Speculations are rife that this will renew the talks on the stalled EU-India broad-based trade and investment agreement (BTIA). The European Union is India’s biggest trade and investment partner, and the trade agreement can in principle be a great boost to the Indian economy. But...

    5 Apr 2016 | Swati Dhingra