Takumo Yamada

Takumo is a Senior Policy Advisor on the post 2015 development agenda at Oxfam International.

Content by Takumo Yamada
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    Making business part of the solution: How can private sector partnerships support sustainable development?

    In a wrap up to our SDGs series, we take a final look at the outcomes from the UN summit. Oxfam’s Takumo Yamada makes the case for a more principled approach to public-private-partnerships and offers Oxfam’s Poverty Footprint tool as a means of re-focusing private sector partnerships towards a more rights-based approach. This post forms part of a cross-blog series on...

    26 Oct 2015 | Takumo Yamada

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    How will the SDGs differ from the MDGs?

    As hoopla around the SDGs comes to an end, Oxfam's Duncan Green and Takumo Yamada look at the challenges that lie ahead in implementing and following through on the ambition of the goals. Among the multiple possible avenues of influence, they ask which will generate the greatest traction and ensure the legacy of the goals is borne out in deeds, not just...

    16 Oct 2015 | Duncan Green, Takumo Yamada