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  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Public perception of Chinese investment in Myanmar and its political consequences: A survey experimental approach

    This study seeks to understand the determinants of public perceptions of Chinese investment projects in Myanmar. We asked respondents to read invented news stories describing scenarios with varying types of investment and compared the reactions of different groups. We also conducted a Facebook-based survey to understand how university students in Myanmar view...

    18 Jun 2018 | Ying Yao, Youyi Zhang

  • Project

    Perceptions of Chinese investment in Myanmar

    Research to date supports the idea that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is conducive for growth and poverty alleviation. Apart from economic benefits, the current literature argues that FDI and international market integration promote democratisation and reduce the incidence of armed conflicts in the long run. Such findings hold important implications for an increasingly...

    12 Oct 2017 | Youyi Zhang, Ying Yao