Zachary Intemann

Zachary holds a Master’s in International Development and Economics. He has worked on impact evaluations and research in Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico. He is currently the Programme Director of REACH at Foundation Escalera, an organisation which inspires children and motivates them to continue studying at a high school level.

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    Escalera: Stairway to better education, evidence from rural Mexico

    As a basic input to human capital development, access to quality education remains a significant barrier to growth in most developing countries. Today’s blog looks at evidence of an innovative NGO approach that has been tested in Chiapas, Mexico’s poorest state. However you look at it, Chiapas is the poorest state in Mexico. Its per capita income (34,751 pesos, or just...

    18 Feb 2016 | Helen Dempster, Zachary Intemann