Kampala Declaration on Building Inclusive Growth and Liveability in African Cities

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The IGC played a key role in developing the Kampala Declaration on Building Inclusive Growth and Liveability in African Cities, which was launched at the inaugural East and Central Africa Cities Development Forum (ECAC-DEF) in Kampala, Uganda, on 24-26 May. It will be a key urbanisation policy document for use throughout the region.

The Ministers, Governors, Mayors, City Managers, and Administrators of Eastern, Central and Southern African cities committed to spearheading the development of a regional action framework for the key priorities for the cities in the region. These include cities in the following countries: Burundi, Egypt, Eretria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda

The declaration affirms the following main principles for urbanisation in the Eastern and Central African region:

1. Urbanisation as an engine for economic development and growth
2. Urbanisation as a means to foster productive and liveable places
3. Urbanisation as potential for upward mobility
4. Urbanisation as positive, rapid and transformative process
5. Urbanisation as a foundation for innovation and entrepreneurship
6. Urbanisation as an opportunity to deliver climate smart cities