Peshawar’s historic walled city: Firms, mobility and public services

Policy brief Firms

  • Ancient cities, which were often old walled cities, exhibit peculiar spatial, social and economic forms. Their urban forms are highly path-dependent featuring narrow congested streets, and make retrofitting modern infrastructure extremely challenging. This creates unique challenges for government agencies involved in urban service delivery.
  • This study examines data to document historical spatial and economic patterns of economic activity to find out where and what clustering of businesses exist.
  • To document this economic activity, the researchers conducted a survey with 400 businesses located throughout the inner city of Peshawar, Pakistan.
  • The findings show that the state of public service delivery is generally poor, with power supply and building quality being a primary concern. Most priority problems identified by respondents require empowered, high capacity and well-resourced local governments focused on delivering responsive and accountable governance at the grassroots level.