Call for proposals timeline

  • March – April 2019: Fund launch and initial expressions of interest in the fund; for practitioners, please fill out this brief survey to express interest in participating in the fund. For researchers, please contact Sarah Logan.
  • May 2019 – June 2019: Selection of organisations for participation in the initial matchmaking workshop (see below) in Nairobi. Note that participation in the workshop is NOT required to receive support from the fund, but is encouraged for organisations in East Africa with a strong interest in the fund.
  • July 2019: Initial matchmaking workshop in Nairobi.
  • July – October 2019: Development and submission of first round of proposals to the fund.
  • November – December 2019: Selection of winners from the first round of proposals to the fund.
  • February 2020: Submission of second round of proposals to the fund.
  • March 2020: Selection of winners from the second round of proposal to the fund.

There will be additional calls for proposals and matchmaking workshops beginning in 2020, with the workshop locations to be determined but likely to move between regions in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.