Mineral resource governance in Zambia

Project Active from to State Effectiveness

Zambia aims to harness its valuable resources, particularly in the mining sector, to boost economic growth and ensure more equitable distribution of benefits among its citizens. This project aims to create a development strategy to guide the government as well as reviewing strategic documents and providing expert insights.

Zambia’s valuable resources provide an opportunity for the country to stimulate higher economic growth and to better distribute the benefits for its citizens by maximising returns from the mining sector.

The potential for this to be achieved relies on getting the fundamentals of natural resource governance right. This project will develop a resource-led development strategy to help the Zambian government with this objective. This is a high-level guiding policy document for the government that will also serve as a guide for IGC’s mining research portfolio.

The second objective is to review strategic mining documents that the government has shared and provide an expert’s view on these. This project will also produce policy briefs on areas that are important to Zambian policymakers on topics such as mineral discovery, diversification, and linkages and value chains.