Supporting project development processes in Mandalay

Project Active from to State

In 2016, the International Growth Centre (IGC) and the Comprehensive Education Development Center (CDEC) together with the USAID-Supported Private Sector Development Activity prepared a report for the Mandalay Regional Government (MRG) and the Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC) entitled “Promoting Inclusive Growth by Subnational Governments through Projects”. Following the completion of the report, the MRG and MCDC are in the process of formulating a regional strategic development plan with support from CDEC and USAID. In parallel with this process it is proposed that IGC and CDEC work closely with MRG and MCDC to build on the report’s findings and identify specific next steps with respect to the three of the report’s recommendations, namely: develop capacity for project appraisal; institute clear processes for project development; and strengthen institutional capacity for project development.

To undertake the work, a joint IGC/CDEC team works with government officials in Mandalay region on the following two tasks:

  • Undertake a more detailed review of the organisational arrangements, systems, and processes, and capacities currently in place for project appraisal and development – building on the findings and recommendations in last year’s report. In fact, this review will particularly look at the organisational arrangements, systems and processes, and capacities with respect to the use of public land in the context of public, private partnership (PPP), the tender process for PPPs, and how public land can be better leveraged and managed, including systems for transparent land appraisal. These steps will help ensure that MRG and MCDC can more effectively identify and develop high priority projects. This project has the endorsement and attention of the Chief Minister, who will be presented with the support.
  • Work with a team in the Chief Minister’s Office to build the strategic planning and project development capacity of government officials in Mandalay through workshops and the development of a pilot food safety programme.

A study on project development, public tenders and land management will be carried out using in-depth interviews with government officials from different departments in Mandalay region.