International experience in tax policy design and enforcement

Past Event Taj Pamodzi, Lusaka State and Tax

This IGC regional conference, co-hosted with the Zambia Ministry of Finance, was comprised of a number of morning and afternoon sessions focused on international research in tax design and enforcement, presenting a series of research projects completed in the past two years and including panel discussions for researchers and African policymakers to share lessons learned and experiences.

IGC works closely with its partner governments to promote effective tax policies and systems and increase revenue generation. Historically, research and analysis on these important policy issues has been surprising limited due in part to the sensitivity and low availability of data. IGC’s established relationships at the highest levels of government has made it possible to develop strong partnerships with revenue authorities, enabling the IGC to develop collaborative strategies and gain the data access needed to tackle pressing challenges in tax policy and administration. Our work focuses in particular on four areas: tax design, tax enforcement, tax morale, and local taxation.

Guests of honour:
Emmanuel Pamu - Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Government of Zambia
Kingsley Chanda - Commissioner General, Zambia Revenue Authority

You can follow the discussion on social media via #ZambiaTax and the photos from the event are available here.

Blogs: This blog summarises the policy messages and this blog summarises the research findings from the conference.

Highlights from the "International experience in tax policy design and enforcement" conference Duration Video
International experience in tax policy design and enforcement - Welcome speeches Duration Video
Keynote speech - Adnan Khan, Research and Policy Director, IGC Duration Video
International experience in tax enforcement Duration Video
Business taxation Duration Video
Collaborating on evidence for tax design Duration Video
Q&A: Challenges and opportunities in using evidence to inform tax administration and reform Duration Video