Anand Rajaram

  • Researcher



Anand Rajaram was formerly the Country Director for IGC Zambia.

Anand Rajaram joined as Country Director for IGC Zambia in January 2016. His previous work at the World Bank (1986-2015) included a broad range of managerial, knowledge leadership, and country assignments. A development economist with expertise in public finance, fiscal policy, public management, and governance, he brings practical experience from work advising governments, including China, Nepal, India, Turkey, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Zambia. He worked closely with the Turkish government from 2000-2005 to guide the reform of public finance and fiscal policy institutions. He was the Sector Manager for public management and governance covering 48 countries in sub-Saharan Africa from 2007-2012.

He has also served as the World Bank’s representative on the Executive Board of the African Capacity Building Foundation.  He is the lead author and editor of a 2014 book, “The Power of Public Investment Management: Transforming Resources into Assets for Growth”, and also co-wrote the World Bank policy research working paper "Behavioral Economics and Public Sector Reform: An Accidental Experiment and Lessons from Cameroon". He holds an M.A. from the Delhi School of Economics and a Ph.D. from Boston University.