Seminar: Education, Training and Employment

Past Event Lusaka, Zambia State

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On 25 July 2013, the IGC in partnership with the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR) held a research seminar on the role and nature of education, training and employment in Zambia. The aim of the research seminar was to bring together three main recent research papers focusing on education, skills development and employment in Zambia as well as generate ideas for further research in the human capital field.

The discussion was attended by various stakeholders including representatives from the Ministry of Education (Technical Education and Vocational Education Training Authority, TEVETA), the Bank of Zambia, Cabinet Office, International Labour Organisation (ILO), German Development Cooperation (GIZ), Japanese International Development cooperation (JICA), University of Zambia and other private sector representatives.

Dr. Francis Chigunta of the University of Zambia presented a broad image of youth unemployment in Zambia and the coping strategies currently adopted by youths as well as an overview of the current national policies aimed at curbing youth unemployment in Zambia. Herryman Moono of the IGC presented the recent IGC scoping paper on education and employment co-authored with Prof. Neil Rankin of Stellenbosch University. Joseph Simumba of ZIPAR presented the ZIPAR working paper on Returns to Education in Zambia.

Multiple resources are available to download, including:

An event report
Francis Chigunta's presentation on youth employment insecurity
Herryman Moono's presentation on education and employment in Zambia
Joseph Simumba's presentation on the rate of private returns to schooling