Workshop: Uganda’s Arabica coffee value chain development opportunities

Past Event Kampala Sheraton Hotel 20 Mar 2018 Trade and Firms

The Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), in partnership with the IGC, co-hosts a technical workshop on opportunities for the development of Uganda’s Arabica coffee value chain.

A recent IGC policy paper sets out the view that the current perception of Ugandan coffee, both in the trade and among end consumers, lags the reality by several years. By raising awareness among end consumers and improving both awareness and the forms of contracting with the trade, the authors contend that the premiums earned by Ugandan coffee can be increased. Further, they evaluate options for expanding the advances achieved recently in the east of the country to the west.

The workshop provides an opportunity to evaluate the policy proposals put forth by the draft paper through discussions with key stakeholders in Uganda’s coffee industry. In particular, the paper (and accompanying dissemination workshop) seeks to support the Government of Uganda in identifying short-term, rapid changes to improve its coffee industry. The authors also identify ways to achieve longer term structural change.

Attendance is by invitation only. To find out more about the workshop, please email Ritwika Sen at