Andrés Felipe Rodríguez

Andrés is an economist focused on research and teaching in development, political economy, behavioral economics, and network economics. He is currently pursuing projects about behavioral traits of entrepreneurs in Colombia; NGOs, corporate philanthropy, and state capacity; and the social, political, and behavioral determinants of information demand.

Content by Andrés Felipe Rodríguez
  • Publication - Policy paper

    Zambia’s Constituency Development Fund: Policy considerations

    The significant expansion of Zambia's Constituency Development Fund in the 2022 budget provides an important opportunity to make service delivery more responsive to public needs, strengthen decentralised local institutions, and promote economic development. This policy paper, drafted at the request of the Government of Zambia, outlines recommendations for policymakers to...

    21 Jan 2022 | Katherine E. Casey, Andrés Felipe Rodríguez, Camilla Sacchetto , Shahrukh Wani