Bryce Millett Steinberg

Bryce Millett Steinberg is Assistant Professor at Brown University. She received her PhD in economics from Harvard in 2015, and her AB from Brown in 2009. Her work focuses on health and education in the developing world, particularly the effect of market forces and government programmes on families’ decisions to invest in human capital.

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    Do workfare programmes reduce educational attainment? Evidence from India

    Workfare programmes have become an increasingly common form of social transfer. From 2007-2009, the World Bank alone funded workfare programmes in 24 different countries. While they offer a valuable safety net to households in lean times, workfare programmes can also produce unintended effects. Looking at the case of NREGA in India, today’s blog argues that a better...

    5 Nov 2015 | Manisha Shah, Bryce Steinberg

  • Project

    Water connections in urban Zambia: Measuring the private and social benefits of water

    The rapid growth of cities on the African continent brings tremendous economic potential, facilitating the spread of innovation, industry and education. However, this promise is blighted by significant negative externalities associated with big city density, including congestion and contagious disease. There is a view among urban economists that one of the most...

    14 Aug 2015 | Edward Glaeser, Nava Ashraf, Bryce Steinberg, Abraham Holland