Jeremy Magruder

Jeremy Magruder is a Associate Professor at University of California – Berkeley.

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  • Project

    Understanding demand for electricity among rural consumers using pay as you go solar

    Electrification poses a unique growth policy challenge. It requires large investments in infrastructure, however the willingness to pay for electricity in low-income countries remains largely unknown. Recognising this challenge, Rwanda has developed a Rural Electrification Strategy (RES) to ensure that households have “the most appropriate form of electricity access”...

    26 Nov 2019 | Jeremy Magruder, Megan Lang

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Impacts and sustainability of irrigation in Rwanda

    Economic growth in Rwanda relies critically on agricultural growth, yet Rwanda’s agricultural sector faces critical constraints such as fragmentation, dependence on erratic rainfall, and challenging geography. As the country’s agriculture is mostly rain-fed, production is exposed to climatic variation and unreliable rainfall. As such, irrigation presents a...

    28 Aug 2018 | Florence Kondylis, Maria Jones, Jeremy Magruder

  • Project

    Job portals and labour market frictions

    The constraints to the growth of medium-sized firms is a question of great policy relevance given their large role in the economies of developing countries. Academic research holds that the dearth of adequately skilled workers is an important factor limiting firm growth (IGC 2014). More recent empirical work (Hardy and McCasland, 2015) suggests that labour market frictions...

    24 Jan 2018 | Jeremy Magruder, Elizabeth Ramirez Ritchie, Erin Kelley

  • Project

    Impacts and sustainability of irrigation in Rwanda

    This research poses 3 primary questions: 1) What are the impacts of irrigation on smallholder welfare? 2) What are the impacts of commercialisation on farmer welfare? 3) What type of public/private management structure achieves the best maintenance and use outcomes?

    21 Sep 2016 | Jeremy Magruder, Florence Kondylis, Maria Jones

  • Blog post

    Click to apply: The impact of online job portals on job search outcomes

    India has one of the largest and fastest growing populations of internet users in the world. An estimated 190 million Indians use the internet, up from 7 million in 2001.  Approximately 40 million Indians go online every day, using the Internet to make purchases, access financial services and education, and interact with friends and family. In a recent IGC project Jeremy...

    7 Dec 2015 | Jeremy Magruder

  • Project

    The lives of urban youth: Before and after the Ebola epidemic

    As a result of the 2014-2015 Ebola crisis in West Africa, there were a total of 10,672 cases of Ebola in Liberia, with 4,808 deaths. Recent reports from the World Bank found that labour activity contracted considerably during the Ebola crisis, and data recently collected (April 2015) by IPA finds that among Monrovia youth, the unemployment rate is 30 percent. This signals a...

    8 Oct 2015 | Lori Beaman, Jeremy Magruder, Niall Keleher

  • Multimedia Item - Audio

    Growth Week 2014: Research Session - Agriculture

    6 Oct 2014