Sebastian Galiani

Sebastian Galiani is Professor of Economics at University of Maryland. He is also a Fellow of the NBER and BREAD and a member of the executive committee of JPAL at MIT. Sebastian obtained his PhD in Economics from Oxford University and works broadly in the field of Development Economics.

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    Improving customer repayments practices for water and sewer services in Kenyan informal settlements

    2.5 billion people in the developing world have no access to improved sanitation, and over a billion of them still practice open defecation.  Rapid urbanisation has resulted in an increase of 183 million urban residents without access to improved sanitation. The inability of the utilities to deliver adequate sanitation services has disproportionately hurt poor urban...

    16 Dec 2019 | Paul Gertler, Sebastian Galiani, Aidan Coville

  • Blog post

    Property rights and poverty reduction: Effects of land titling on Argentina’s urban poor

    Reducing the cost of land titles and simplifying the systems can improve land security and livelihoods of the poor Land rights are a crucial component of economic development. Property rights have the potential to fundamentally improve resource allocation and increase investment in a given society by limiting expropriation and facilitating market transactions. Moreover,...

    19 Sep 2017 | Sebastian Galiani

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    The effect of aid on growth: Evidence from a quasi-experiment

    Does aid drive real (per capita) GDP growth in recipient countries? Today’s blog uses the International Development Association’s threshold criterion for aid eligibility to estimate the effect of aid on growth and finds physical infrastructure investments are a key driver of growth impacts from aid. Identifying the causal effect of development aid on growth poses a...

    28 Apr 2016 | Sebastian Galiani, Stephen Knack, Colin Xu, Ben Zou