Sushanta Chatterjee

Sushanta Chatterjee is Joint Chief of Regulatory Affairs at the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) of India. He has long experience of dealing with power sector reforms, especially, Regulatory Reforms since its inception in 1998.

He was actively involved in institutionalization of independent electricity regulatory commission in India and he has been instrumental in evolution of and contributed to the enactment of the epoch making Electricity Act, 2003. he also made original contribution to conceptualisation of Renewable Energy Certificate mechanism, grid integration of renewable energy and complementary market design in India. He is a post doctoral research fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, USA and has a PhD in Management and MBA in Finance.

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    Reforming India’s energy market: Towards centralised production

    To improve efficiency and integrate renewable energy, a centralised economic dispatch model is recommended. A real-time energy market with gate closure should also be introduced. Such market reforms require robust market monitoring and surveillance. An energy market design that enables buyers to meet their energy requirements, while allowing sellers to adjust their...

    20 Feb 2018 | Sushanta Chatterjee

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    Meeting the renewable revolution: A roadmap for electricity market design in India

    Most of the world sees renewable electricity generation firstly as green power, a way to meet flat or declining demand while cutting greenhouse gas emissions. India, with rapid demand growth and an urgent need for new capacity, sees renewable electricity as power, which mitigates energy security risk and safeguards against environmental hazards. Hence the country has set an...

    9 Aug 2016 | Sushanta Chatterjee