A strategy for resource-led development in Zambia

Policy brief State Effectiveness

This policy brief brings recommendations to harness Zambia's potential to benefit from the global demand for minerals, including maximising economic value from the mining sector, ensuring sustainable and responsible mineral supply chains, and diversifying the economy into various sectors.

This policy brief investigates a strategy for resource-led development in Zambia and brings recommendations under three pillars:

Pillar I: Increase the GNP generated from the mining sector in Zambia

Policy 1: Conduct a geological and geophysical survey of Zambia’s mineral endowment

Policy 2: Allocate exploration and mining rights transparently and publicly and, as part of a digitalisation strategy, with a view to match the right companies with mining opportunities

Policy 3: Develop Zambian workers and suppliers as part of a local content strategy

Policy 4: Formalise and develop the capabilities of small-scale miners

Pillar II: Ensure world-class sustainable mineral supply chains

Policy 5: Facilitate the adoption of supply chain norms and standards among Zambian mining companies

Policy 6: Convene a multi-stakeholder initiative to advise the GRZ on laws and regulations on sustainable mineral supply chains

Pillar III: Leverage responsible mining growth into inclusive development

Policy 7: Develop and implement a resource revenue and expenditure strategy to finance development while minimising volatility

Policy 8: Diversify the Zambian economy, building on the capabilities and resources of the mining sector

Policy 9: Diversify the Zambian economy into sectors that are unrelated to mining

Policy 10: Double down on governance, government effectiveness, and transparency