• Financing fast-growing cities Astrid Haas, Paul Collier

    Many developing country cities are growing at an unprecedented rate. To respond to this unplanned, rapid expansion, it will be beneficial for city authorities both to expand...

  • Growth brief: Making cities work for development Tony Venables

    Cities can be productive and liveable places but poor public services, weak infrastructure, and institutional and legal obstacles to private investment have in many cases...

  • Growth brief: Contagion, crime, and congestion –... Edward Glaeser, Helen Dempster

    With rapid urbanisation in the developing world comes contagion, crime, and congestion. Overcoming these is one of the great policy challenges of the 21st century. This brief...

  • Urban Myanmar Tim Dobermann

    Cities conjure a sense of commotion. They can be hives of economic activity and interaction or centres of congestion and crime. Today, the majority of the world’s population...

  • Cities that Work

    An IGC initiative for more effective urban policy.

  • IGC cities research programme

    One of the main challenges the IGC addresses through its research is the rapidly growing rates of urbanisation in developing countries. Through increased density and the...