IGC – Greater Amman Municipality workshop on data in urban policy making and development levies

On the 17th of April 2019, the IGC co-hosted a workshop with the Greater Amman Municipality. The workshop explored opportunities for first step reforms in the areas of: (i) options to enhance the use of data in urban policymaking and (ii) options to improve the calculation, issuance and collection of development levies.  Each theme was the subject of a half-day workshop – recognising that the performance of theme (i) is closely related to the performance of theme (ii).

The workshop brought together approximately 40 participants across several government departments – such as the Comprehensive Planning, Zoning, GIS, Finance, Transport, and Statistics departments, among others – as well as speakers from the IGC network. The aim was to provide a forum for discussion on how to commence reforms using evidence from international research and cross-country experience.