FDI, SMEs, firm growth, and trade in East Africa

Past Event Nairobi, Kenya Firms and Trade

Strong and competitive firms form the core of economic activity. They contribute to economic development through job creation, higher government revenue, and increased wealth and well-being of society.

Although firms, FDI, and trade already play an important role in the development of East Africa, the region has not yet tapped into its full potential. In addition, the constraints to SME growth in the region are apparent. As Kenya looks ahead, technology is likely to play a key role in the growth of firms, given it is at the forefront of information and communication technology (ICT) innovation. It will be crucial to understand how best innovation and technology can enable and enhance firm and especially SME growth in the country.

The IGC highlighted these pressing policies issues on 29 March in Nairobi, where research on how we could promote structural transformation in East Africa was showcased and presented.

The final agenda and the speakers' presentations can be found below.

We tweeted live on the hashtag #kenyafirms.

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