busy street in Dhaka. people riding tuk-tuks. Photo taken by Francisco Anzola

New frontiers in urban economics research for developing countries

Upcoming Webinar From to Cities and Cities that Work

Join us for a dialogue between Professor Gilles Duranton and Associate Professor Gharad Bryan as they delve deep into the evolving landscapes of urban economics.

This in-conversation event fosters a new understanding of where urban economic research should develop in developing countries, underscored by the expertise of the speakers. For those interested in submitting urban research to the upcoming IGC Call for Proposals, it is not to miss.

The webinar showcases key takeaways from Gilles Duranton's recent presentation on 'New Frontiers in Urban Economics', sharing his insights on the exciting research and researchers that are pushing the frontier of urban economics. Meanwhile, Gharad Bryan brings new evidence of where the academic gaps lie from the developing country perspective.