Call for proposals

The IGC’s next call for proposals is scheduled for Autumn 2021. Grants will be capped at £20,000, and the call will focus primarily on early career researchers. More information on the call, dates, selection criteria, and application process will be shared soon. You can watch recordings from our funding information sessions here.

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The International Growth Centre (IGC) holds a regular call for proposals. Researchers are invited to submit proposals for research projects relevant to promoting structural change and inclusive growth in developing countries. We accept proposals from any researcher (including PhD students and researchers based in developing countries).

What we work on

Our four themes of research are the following:

  • Firms, trade, and productivity – Increasing productivity through structural changes in firms’ capabilities, the functioning of markets and how firms interact with world markets.
  • State effectiveness – Escaping fragility and improving the capabilities and effectiveness of states to deliver higher rates of inclusive growth.
  • Cities – Making cities more productive and inclusive while addressing the downsides of density.
  • Energy and environment – Improving access to reliable energy and developing strategies to mitigate and adapt to global and local externalities from energy consumption.

For more information read our research priorities.

Where we work

We have resident teams in 10 partner countries throughout Africa and South Asia, and flexible engagements in a number of others. Country offices allow the IGC to sustain long-term policy engagement and help to ensure our work is demand-led.

Our partner countries are Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mozambique, Myanmar, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone & Liberia, Uganda, and Zambia. Additionally, we have flexible engagements in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Kenya, Somaliland, South Sudan, and Tanzania.

Read more information on research priorities for each of our partner countries here.

Researchers are strongly encouraged to conduct their research in IGC partner or flexible engagement countries, and to reach out to IGC country offices and flexible engagement staff during the design and implementation phases of their research projects.  Conducting research in countries where we have a country office comes with advantages – access to local research partners, datasets, and established, well-connected country teams. IGC staff provides dedicated support for policy engagement, facilitating meetings with policymakers and key stakeholders, and providing feedback on proposals and project outputs.

We also accept proposals for research in any developing country that can generate findings with clear policy implications for IGC countries. We currently run a limited research engagement in India, focussed primarily in Bihar, but we can provide policy engagement support for all IGC India projects. Proposals for India will be treated similarly to other non-IGC country proposals – they must generate knowledge and demonstrate clear potential to improve policy in IGC countries.

For more information on our model, please visit our about section.

Evaluation of proposals

Proposals are evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Alignment with research strategy
  2. Quality of research design
  3. Policy impact
  4. Academic impact
  5. Engagement with local institutions, including IGC country teams, and involvement of local researchers
  6. Value for money